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 * This file is part of the QPxTool project.
 * Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Gennady "ShultZ" Kozlov <qpxtool@mail.ru>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * See the file "COPYING" for the exact licensing terms.

#ifndef __QPxToolWidget
#define __QPxToolWidget 1

//#include <qcanvas.h>
#include <qfiledialog.h>
#include <qthread.h>
// #include <qobject.h>
#include <qpx_mmc.h>
#include <qmainwindow.h>
//#include <qhbox.h>

#include <test_threads.h>

#include "qpx_const.h"
#include <ui/QPxTool_ui.h>

#include "About.h"

class QCanvas;
class QCanvasLine;
class QCanvasView;
class QFileDialog;
class QObject;
class QProgressBar;
class QThread;
class plextor_ext_cx;

const int CD_EXT_BLER = 0x01;
const int CD_EXT_E11  = 0x02;
const int CD_EXT_E21  = 0x03;
const int CD_EXT_E31  = 0x04;
const int CD_EXT_E12  = 0x05;
const int CD_EXT_E22  = 0x06;
const int CD_EXT_E32  = 0x07;

//class QPxTool_mainwin : public QPxTool_mainwin_UI
class QPxToolWidget : public QPxTool_mainwin_UI

//    QPxToolWidget(QWidget* p = 0, const char* name = 0, WFlags fl = 0 );
//    QPxTool_mainwin(QWidget *parent, const char *name);
      QPxToolWidget(QWidget *parent, const char *name);
//    ~QPxTool_mainwin();

//public functions:
      void  customEvent(QCustomEvent *event);

public slots:
      void  file_save();
      void  file_save_rd();
      void  file_save_cx();
      void  file_save_jb();
      void  file_save_ft();
      void  file_save_ta();
      void  quit();

      void  zero_rd();
      void  zero_cx();
      void  zero_jb();
      void  zero_ft();
      void  zero_ta();
      void  clear_all();
      void  clear_debug();

      void  scanbus();
      void  update_device_info();

      void  about();
      void  updatePieC1Data(int c1t, int c1m, float c1a);
      void  updatePifC2Data(int c2t, int c2m, float c2a);
      void  updatePofCUData(int c3t, int c3m, float c3a);
      void  updateJBData(float jmax, float jmin, float javg, float bmax, float bmin, float bavg);

      void    DrawResRD(int idx, int spd);
      void    DrawRes0(int idx, int err0);
      void    DrawRes1(int idx, int err1);
      void    DrawRes2(int idx, int err2);
      void    DrawResJB(int idx, int jmin, int jmax, short int bmin, short int bmax);
      void  DrawResFT(int idx, int ofe, int ote, int nfe, int nte);
      void  DrawResTAP(int pass, int idx, int val);
      void  DrawResTAL(int pass, int idx, int val);

      void  select_device(const QString& drive);
      void  get_media_info(drive_info* drive);

      void  silent_mode_save();
      void  silent_mode_test();
      void  silent_mode_update(drive_info* drive);
      void  silent_mode_toggle(bool state);
      void  silent_mode_set_cd(const QString&);
      void  silent_mode_set_dvd(const QString&);
      void  silent_mode_set_access_time(const QString&);
      void  silent_mode_set_load(int load_speed);
      void  silent_mode_set_eject(int eject_speed);

      void  as_off_toggled(bool state);
      void  as_auto_toggled(bool state);
      void  as_forced_toggled(bool state);
      void  as_on_toggled(bool state);
      void  asdb_edit();
      void  mqck();

      void  pxerase_quick_toggled(bool state);
      void  pxerase_full_toggled(bool state);
      void  do_plexeraser();

      void  set_powerec_state(int state);
      void  show_powerec_speed();
      void  set_gigarec_state(int state);
      void  set_gigarec_value(const QString& value);
      void  set_varirec_state_cd(int state);
      void  set_varirec_state_dvd(int state);
      void  set_varirec_power_cd(const QString& power);
      void  set_varirec_power_dvd(const QString& power);
      void  set_varirec_strategy_cd(const QString&);
      void  set_varirec_strategy_dvd(const QString&);
      void  set_hcdr_state(int state);
      void  set_ss_state(int state);
      void  set_speedread_state(int state);
      void  set_bitset_r(int state);
      void  set_bitset_rdl(int state);
      void  set_simul_dvdplus(int state);

      void  set_scan_commands(const QString&);
      void  run_tests();
      void  skip_current_test();
      void  abort_tests();
      void  show_capabilities(drive_info* drive);
      int   print_disc_type(drive_info* drive); //(int media, int disc_type);
      int   print_book_type(drive_info* drive); //(int book_type);

//    void  set_scan_speed(const QString& speed);
      void  set_scan_speed(const QString&);
//    void  set_spindown_time(const QString& spindown);
      void  set_spindown_time(const QString&);
      void  show_spindown_time(drive_info* drive);
      void  lock(int state);
      void  do_load_eject();
      void  detect_speeds();
      void  set_speed(const QString& speed);
      void  show_read_speed(drive_info* drive);

      void  toggle_c1pie(bool state);
      void  toggle_c2pif(bool state);
      void  toggle_cu(bool state);
      void  toggle_jitter(bool state);
      void  toggle_beta(bool state);
      void  toggle_fe(bool state);
      void  toggle_te(bool state);
      void  DrawTestLimits(int idx, int idx2);
      void  TA_show(int TA);
      void  TA_hide(int TA);
      void  TA_layer_0(bool show);
      void  TA_layer_1(bool show);
      void  TA_zone_0(bool show);
      void  TA_zone_1(bool show);
      void  TA_zone_2(bool show);
      void  TA_select_layer(const QString& qlayer);
      void  TA_select_zone(const QString& qzone);
      void  DrawGridRD(); //(int h, int dir);
      void  DrawGrid0(); //(int h, int dir);
//    void  DrawGrid1(); //(int h, int dir);
      void  DrawGridJB(); //(int h, int dir);
      void  DrawGridFT(); //(int h, int dir);
      void  DrawGridTA();

//    QThread*    QScanThread;

      void  end_tests();
      void  reset_progress();
//    void  test_started(int);
//    void  test_finished();
      void  block_done_rd(block_data* block);
//    void  block_done_wr(block_data* block);
      void  block_done_c1pie(block_data* block);
      void  block_done_c2pif(block_data* block);
      void  block_done_cupof(block_data* block);
      void  block_done_jb(block_data* block);
      void  block_done_fete(block_data* block);
      void  block_done_ta(block_data* block);
      void  block_done_cx_ext(block_data* block, int event_id);

      void  show_lba(block_data* block);
      void  showtime(block_data* block);

      void  draw_ext_cx();
      struct _Exx Exx;

      QCanvas*    CanvasRD;
      QCanvasView*      CanvasViewRD;
      QCanvasLine**     GridRD;
      QCanvasLine**     RezRD;

      QCanvas*    Canvas0;
      QCanvasView*      CanvasView0;
      QCanvasLine**     Grid0;
      QCanvasLine**     Rez0;

//    QCanvas*    Canvas1;
//    QCanvasView*      CanvasView1;
//    QCanvasLine**     Grid1;
      QCanvasLine**     Rez1;
      QCanvasLine**     Rez2;

      QCanvas*    CanvasJB;
      QCanvasView*      CanvasViewJB;
      QCanvasLine**     GridJB;
      QCanvasLine**     RezJ;
      QCanvasLine**     RezB;

      QCanvas*    CanvasFT;
      QCanvasView*      CanvasViewFT;
      QCanvasLine**     GridFT;
      QCanvasLine**     RezFE;
      QCanvasLine**     RezTE;

      QCanvas*    CanvasTAP;
      QCanvasView*      CanvasViewTAP;
      QCanvasLine**     GridTAP;
      QCanvasLine**     RezTAP[6];

      QCanvas*    CanvasTAL;
      QCanvasView*      CanvasViewTAL;
      QCanvasLine**     GridTAL;
      QCanvasLine**     RezTAL[6];

      QCanvasLine*      Limits[5];

// -----------------
//    QMenuBar*   menubar;
// -----------------
      QPopupMenu* menu_file;
      QPopupMenu* menu_save;
      QPopupMenu* menu_view;
      QPopupMenu* menu_device;
      QPopupMenu* menu_about;

      QProgressBar*     progress_test;
      QLabel*           status_current_test;
      QLabel*           status_media_type;
      QLabel*           status_MID;

//    QPopupMenu* menu_help;
      QPixmap           pix_logo;
      QPixmap           pix_ok;
      QPixmap           pix_no;
      QPixmap           pix_unknown;

      drive_info* drive;
      char* device;
      ScanThread* thread;
      QListViewItem*    sessions[255];
      int         session;
      QListViewItem*    tracks[255];
      int         track;

      plextor_ext_cx* px_ecx;
      int         ext_cx_active;

// *********** For results saving...
      QFileDialog file_dialog;
      QImage*           logo;
      QImage*           result_rd;
      QImage*           result_cx;
      QImage*           result_jb;
      QImage*           result_ft;
      QImage*           result_ta;
      QString           logo_name;
      QString           png_name_rd;
      QString           png_name_cx;
      QString           png_name_BLER;
      QString           png_name_E11;
      QString           png_name_E21;
      QString           png_name_E31;
      QString           png_name_E12;
      QString           png_name_E22;
      QString           png_name_E32;
      QString           png_name_jb;
      QString           png_name_ft;
      QString           png_name_ta;
      QString           full_name_rd;
      QString           full_name_cx;
      QString           full_name_BLER;
      QString           full_name_E11;
      QString           full_name_E21;
      QString           full_name_E31;
      QString           full_name_E12;
      QString           full_name_E22;
      QString           full_name_E32;
      QString           full_name_jb;
      QString           full_name_ft;
      QString           full_name_ta;

      void        generate_result_html(QString res_name, int tests);
      void        fill_res_rd();
      void        fill_res_cx();
      void        fill_res_cx_ext(int ext);
      void        fill_res_jb();
      void        fill_res_ft();
      void        fill_res_ta();
      void        fill_res_rd_grid();
      void        fill_res_cx_grid();
      void        fill_res_cx_ext_grid(int ext);
      void        fill_res_jb_grid();
      void        fill_res_ft_grid();
      void        fill_res_ta_grid(int layer, int zone);
      int         res_cap;

protected slots:

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