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 * This file is part of the QPxTool project.
 * Copyright (C) 2005-2006 Gennady "ShultZ" Kozlov <qpxtool@mail.ru>
 * This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify
 * it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by
 * the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or
 * (at your option) any later version.
 * See the file "COPYING" for the exact licensing terms.

#ifndef __qpxtool_mmc
#define __qpxtool_mmc

#include <qpx_const.h>
#include <transport.h>
#include <common_functions.h>

#ifndef __USE_QTHREAD
#include <pthread.h>

typedef char      str_vendor[9];
typedef char      str_dev[16];
typedef char      str_if[16];
typedef char      str_lo[64];
typedef char      str8[8];

const unsigned int rpc_phase_max=2;
const str8  rpc_phase[rpc_phase_max+1]={

const unsigned int spindowns=16;
const str8  spindown_tbl[spindowns+1]={

const unsigned int iface_id_max=8;
const str_if      iface_list[iface_id_max+2]={
      "Fibre Channel\0",
      "Serial ATAPI\0",
      "USB (1.1/2.0)\0",

const str_if      disc_status_list[4]= {
      "Random Access",
//    "[READ_DISK_INFO error]",

const str_if      session_status_list[4]= {
//    "[READ_DISK_INFO error]",

const str_lo      loader_list[8]={
      "Changer (individual discs)",
      "Changer (cartridge mechanism)",

const   str8 track_mode[16]={

const   str8 data_mode[16]={

#if defined(__linux)
const int   _devcnt=58;
const str_dev _devtbl[_devcnt]={
            "/dev/hda\0", "/dev/hdb\0", "/dev/hdc\0", "/dev/hdd\0",
            "/dev/hde\0", "/dev/hdf\0", "/dev/hdg\0", "/dev/hdh\0",
            "/dev/hdi\0", "/dev/hdj\0", "/dev/hdk\0", "/dev/hdl\0",
            "/dev/hdm\0", "/dev/hdn\0", "/dev/hdo\0", "/dev/hdp\0",
            "/dev/hdq\0", "/dev/hdr\0", "/dev/hds\0", "/dev/hdt\0",
            "/dev/hdu\0", "/dev/hdv\0", "/dev/hdw\0", "/dev/hdx\0",
            "/dev/hdy\0", "/dev/hdz\0",

            "/dev/sr0\0", "/dev/sr1\0", "/dev/sr2\0", "/dev/sr3\0",
            "/dev/sr4\0", "/dev/sr5\0", "/dev/sr6\0", "/dev/sr7\0",
            "/dev/sr8\0", "/dev/sr9\0", "/dev/sr10\0","/dev/sr11\0",

const int   _devcnt=64;
const str_dev _devtbl[_devcnt]={


            "/dev/cd0\0", "/dev/cd1\0", "/dev/cd2\0","/dev/cd3\0",
            "/dev/cd4\0", "/dev/cd5\0", "/dev/cd6\0","/dev/cd7\0",
            "/dev/cd8\0", "/dev/cd9\0", "/dev/cd10\0","/dev/cd11\0",


const int ERR_NO_DEV   = 0x0002;
const int ERR_NO_SCSI  = 0x0003;
const int ERR_NO_MMC   = 0x0004;

const unsigned short FEATURE_PROFILE_LIST       =0x0000;
const unsigned short FEATURE_CORE               = 0x001;
const unsigned short FEATURE_MORPHING                 = 0x002;
const unsigned short FEATURE_REMOVABLE_MEDIA          = 0x003;
const unsigned short FEATURE_WRITE_PROTECT            = 0x004;
const unsigned short FEATURE_RANDOM_READABLE          = 0x010;
const unsigned short FEATURE_MULTI_READ               = 0x01D;
const unsigned short FEATURE_CD_READ                  = 0x01E;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DVD_READ                 = 0x01F;
const unsigned short FEATURE_RANDOM_WRITABLE          = 0x020;
const unsigned short FEATURE_SECTOR_ERASABLE          = 0x022;
const unsigned short FEATURE_FORMATTABLE        = 0x023;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DEFECT_MANAGEMENT        = 0x024;
const unsigned short FEATURE_WRITE_ONCE               = 0x025;
const unsigned short FEATURE_RESTRICTED_OVERWRITE     = 0x026;
const unsigned short FEATURE_CD_RW_CAV_WRITE          = 0x027;
const unsigned short FEATURE_MRW                = 0x028;
const unsigned short FEATURE_ENHANCED_DEFECT_REPORTING      = 0x029;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DVD_PLUS_RW        = 0x02A;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DVD_PLUS_R               = 0x02B;
const unsigned short FEATURE_RIGID_RESTRICTED_OVERWRITE     = 0x02C;
const unsigned short FEATURE_CD_TRACK_AT_ONCE         = 0x02D;
const unsigned short FEATURE_CD_MASTERING       = 0x02E;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DVD_R_RW_WRITE           = 0x02F;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DDCD_READ                = 0x030;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DDCD_R_WRITE       = 0x031;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DDCD_RW_WRITE            = 0x032;
const unsigned short FEATURE_LAYER_JUMP_RECORDING     = 0x033;
const unsigned short FEATURE_CD_RW_MEDIA_WRITE_SUPPORT      = 0x037;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DVD_PLUS_R_DOUBLE_LAYER  = 0x03B;
const unsigned short FEATURE_BD_READ            = 0x040;
const unsigned short FEATURE_BD_WRITE           = 0x041;
//const unsigned short FEATURE_BD_R_POW         = 0x042 ????;
const unsigned short FEATURE_POWER_MANAGEMENT         = 0x100;
const unsigned short FEATURE_SMART              = 0x101;
const unsigned short FEATURE_EMBEDDED_CHANGER         = 0x102;
const unsigned short FEATURE_CD_AUDIO_ANALOG_PLAY     = 0x103;
const unsigned short FEATURE_MICROCODE_UPGRADE        = 0x104;
const unsigned short FEATURE_TIMEOUT                  = 0x105;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DVD_CSS                  = 0x106;
const unsigned short FEATURE_REAL_TIME_STREAMING      = 0x107;
const unsigned short FEATURE_LOGICAL_UNIT_SERIAL_NUMBER     = 0x108;
const unsigned short FEATURE_MEDIA_SERIAL_NUMBER      = 0x109;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DISC_CONTROL_BLOCKS      = 0x10A;
const unsigned short FEATURE_DVD_CPRM                 = 0x10B;
const unsigned short FEATURE_FIRMWARE_DATE            = 0x10C;

const char MMC_TEST_UNIT_READY            = 0x00;
const char MMC_REQUEST_SENSE        = 0x03;
const char MMC_FORMAT_UNIT          = 0x04;
const char MMC_INQUIRY              = 0x12;
const char MMC_MODE_SELECT6         = 0x15;
const char MMC_MODE_SENSE6          = 0x1A;
const char MMC_START_STOP_UNIT            = 0x1B;
const char MMC_READ_FORMAT_CAPACITIES     = 0x23;
const char MMC_READ_RECORDED_CAPACITY     = 0x25;
const char MMC_READ                 = 0x28;
const char MMC_WRITE                = 0x2A;
const char MMC_SEEK                 = 0x2B;
const char MMC_WRITE_AND_VERIFY           = 0x2E;
const char MMC_VERIFY               = 0x2F;
const char MMC_SYNC_CACHE           = 0x35;
const char MMC_READ_SUB_CHANNEL           = 0x42;
const char MMC_READ_TOC_PMA_ATIP    = 0x43;
const char MMC_READ_HEADER          = 0x44;
const char MMC_PLAY_AUDIO           = 0x45;
const char MMC_GET_CONFIGURATION    = 0x46;
const char MMC_PLAY_AUDIO_MSF       = 0x47;
const char MMC_PAUSE_RESUME         = 0x4B;
const char MMC_STOP_PLAY_SCAN       = 0x4E;
const char MMC_READ_DISC_INFORMATION      = 0x51;
const char MMC_READ_TRACK_INFORMATION     = 0x52;
const char MMC_RESERVE_TRACK        = 0x53;
const char MMC_SEND_OPC_INFORMATION = 0x54;
const char MMC_MODE_SELECT10        = 0x55;
const char MMC_REPAIR_TRACK         = 0x58;
const char MMC_READ_MASTER_CUE            = 0x59;
const char MMC_MODE_SENSE10         = 0x5A;
const char MMC_CLOSE_TRACK_SESSION  = 0x5B;
const char MMC_SEND_CUE_SHEET       = 0x5D;
const char MMC_BLANK                = 0xA1;
const char MMC_SEND_EVENT           = 0xA2;
const char MMC_SEND_KEY             = 0xA3;
const char MMC_REPORT_KEY           = 0xA4;
const char MMC_PLAY_AUDIO_12        = 0xA5;
const char MMC_LOAD_UNLOAD          = 0xA6;
const char MMC_SET_READ_AHEAD       = 0xA7;
const char MMC_READ_DVD             = 0xA8;
const char MMC_GET_PERFORMANCE            = 0xAC;
const char MMC_READ_DVD_STRUCTURE   = 0xAD;
const char MMC_SET_STREAMING        = 0xB6;
const char MMC_READ_CD_MSF          = 0xB9;
const char MMC_SCAN                 = 0xBA;
const char MMC_SET_SPEED            = 0xBB;
const char MMC_PLAY_CD              = 0xBC;
const char MMC_MECHANISM_STATUS           = 0xBD;
const char MMC_READ_CD              = 0xBE;

const char CMD_PLEX_GET_AUTH        = 0xD4;
const char CMD_PLEX_SEND_AUTH       = 0xD5;

const char CMD_PLEX_ERASER          = 0xE3;
const char CMD_PLEX_AS_RD           = 0xE4;
const char CMD_PLEX_AS_WR           = 0xE5;

const char CMD_PLEX_MODE            = 0xE9;
const char CMP_PLEX_QCHECK          = 0xEA;
const char CMD_PLEX_PREC_SPD        = 0xEB;
const char CMD_PLEX_MODE2           = 0xED;

const char CMD_PLEX_EEPROM_READ           = 0xF1;

const char CMD_PLEX_SCAN_TA_FETE    = 0xF3;
const char CMD_PLEX_FETE_READOUT    = 0xF5;

/*const char MMC_ = 0x00;*/

const int PROFILE_NONE        = 0x0000;
const int PROFILE_NON_REMOVABLE     = 0x0001;
const int PROFILE_REMOVABLE   = 0x0002;
const int PROFILE_MOPTIC_E    = 0x0003;
const int PROFILE_OPTIC_WO    = 0x0004;
const int PROFILE_AS_MO       = 0x0005;
const int PROFILE_CD_ROM      = 0x0008;
const int PROFILE_CD_R        = 0x0009;
const int PROFILE_CD_RW       = 0x000A;
const int PROFILE_DVD_ROM     = 0x0010;
const int PROFILE_DVD_R_SEQ   = 0x0011;
const int PROFILE_DVD_RAM     = 0x0012;
const int PROFILE_DVD_RW_RESTOV     = 0x0013;
const int PROFILE_DVD_RW_SEQ  = 0x0014;
const int PROFILE_DVD_R_DL_SEQ      = 0x0015;
const int PROFILE_DVD_R_DL_JUMP     = 0x0016;
const int PROFILE_DVD_PLUS_RW = 0x001A;
const int PROFILE_DVD_PLUS_R  = 0x001B;
const int PROFILE_DVD_PLUS_R_DL     = 0x002B;
const int PROFILE_DDCD_ROM    = 0x0020;
const int PROFILE_DDCD_R      = 0x0021;
const int PROFILE_DDCD_RW     = 0x0022;

const int DISC_NODISC     = 0x00000000;

const int DISC_CDROM      = 0x00000001;
const int DISC_CDR        = 0x00000002;
const int DISC_CDRW       = 0x00000004;

const int DISC_CDRWSUBT   = 0x70000000;
const int DISC_CDRWMS     = 0x10000000;
const int DISC_CDRWHS     = 0x20000000;
const int DISC_CDRWUS     = 0x30000000;
const int DISC_CDRWUSP    = 0x40000000;

const int DISC_DVDROM     = 0x00000008;
const int DISC_DVDRAM     = 0x00000010;
const int DISC_DVDminusR  = 0x00000020;
const int DISC_DVDminusRWS= 0x00000040;
const int DISC_DVDminusRWR= 0x00000080;
const int DISC_DVDminusRDL= 0x00000100;
const int DISC_DVDminusRDLJ=0x00000200;

const int DISC_DVDplusRW  = 0x00000400;
const int DISC_DVDplusR   = 0x00000800;
const int DISC_DVDplusRDL = 0x00001000;

const int DISC_DVDminus   = DISC_DVDminusR | DISC_DVDminusRWS | DISC_DVDminusRWR | DISC_DVDminusRDL | DISC_DVDminusRDLJ;
const int DISC_DVDplus    = DISC_DVDplusRW | DISC_DVDplusR | DISC_DVDplusRDL;
const int DISC_DVD        = DISC_DVDROM | DISC_DVDRAM | DISC_DVDminus | DISC_DVDplus;

const int DISC_DDCD_ROM   = 0x00002000;
const int DISC_DDCD_R     = 0x00004000;
const int DISC_DDCD_RW    = 0x00008000;

const int DISC_UN   = 0x80000000;

const str_dev _book_type_tbl[16]={
            "DVD-ROM", "DVD-RAM", "DVD-R ", "DVD-RW",
            "unknown", "DVD+RW", "DVD+R","unknown",
            "unknown","unknown", "DVD+R DL", "unknown"

const int BOOK_DVD_ROM    = 0x00;
const int BOOK_DVD_RAM    = 0x01;
const int BOOK_DVD_R      = 0x02;
const int BOOK_DVD_RW     = 0x03;
const int BOOK_DVD_PRW    = 0x09;
const int BOOK_DVD_PR     = 0x0A;
const int BOOK_DVD_PR_DL  = 0x0E;

const int COMMAND_FAILED  = -0x01;

const int Media_BLANK     = 0x80;
const int Media_NOTBLANK  = 0x7F;
const int Media_NoMedia   = 0x00;
const int Media_CD        = 0x01;
const int Media_DVD       = 0x02;

const int CAP_REMOVABLE_MEDIA       = 0x00000001;
const int CAP_MORPHING              = 0x00000002;
const int CAP_EMBEDDED_CHANGER            = 0x00000004;
const int CAP_MICROCODE_UPGRADE           = 0x00000008;
const int CAP_SMART                 = 0x00000010;
const int CAP_REAL_TIME_STREAMING   = 0x00000020;
const int CAP_POWER_MANAGEMENT            = 0x00000040;
const int CAP_DEFECT_MANAGEMENT           = 0x00000080;
const int CAP_DVD_CSS               = 0x00000100;
const int CAP_DVD_CPRM              = 0x00000200;
const int CAP_C2              = 0x00000400;
const int CAP_CD_TEXT               = 0x00000800;
const int CAP_CD_AUDIO              = 0x00001000;
const int CAP_DAE             = 0x00002000;
const int CAP_ACCURATE_STREAM       = 0x00004000;

const int CAP_COMPOSITE             = 0x00010000;
const int CAP_DIGITAL_PORT_1        = 0x00020000;
const int CAP_DIGITAL_PORT_2        = 0x00040000;
const int CAP_MULTISESSION          = 0x00080000;
const int CAP_MODE2_FORM1           = 0x00100000;
const int CAP_MODE2_FORM2           = 0x00200000;
const int CAP_TEST_WRITE            = 0x00400000;
const int CAP_READ_BAR_CODE         = 0x00800000;
const int CAP_UPC             = 0x01000000;
const int CAP_ISRC                  = 0x02000000;
const int CAP_SIDE_CHANGE           = 0x04000000;
const int CAP_LOCK                  = 0x08000000;
const int CAP_EJECT                 = 0x10000000;

//const int CAP_        = 0x00000000;

const int CAP_SET_CD_SPEED          = 0x80000000;
const int NCAP_SET_CD_SPEED         = 0x7FFFFFFF;

//                                   RW
const int DEVICE_CD_ROM       = 0x00000001; // +
const int DEVICE_CD_R         = 0x00000002; // ++
const int DEVICE_CD_RW        = 0x00000004; // ++
const int DEVICE_DVD_ROM      = 0x00000008; // +
const int DEVICE_DVD_RAM      = 0x00000010; // ++
const int DEVICE_DVD_R        = 0x00000020; // ++
const int DEVICE_DVD_RW       = 0x00000040; // +-
const int DEVICE_DVD_R_DL     = 0x00000080; // +-
const int DEVICE_DVD_PLUS_R   = 0x00000100; // ++
const int DEVICE_DVD_PLUS_RW  = 0x00000200; // ++
const int DEVICE_DVD_PLUS_R_DL      = 0x00000400; // ++
const int DEVICE_MRW          = 0x00000800; // ++
const int DEVICE_DDCD_R       = 0x00001000; // ++
const int DEVICE_DDCD_RW      = 0x00002000; // ++
const int DEVICE_BD_ROM       = 0x00004000; // -
const int DEVICE_BD_R         = 0x00008000; // --
const int DEVICE_BD_RE        = 0x00010000; // --

const int ERR_INVALID_OPCODE  = 0x00052000;
const int ERR_NO_MEDIUM       = 0x00023A00;
const int ERR_NO_ERROR        = 0x00000000;

// **** Vendors definition 
const int WR_GENERIC      = 0x00000000;
const int WR_PLEXTOR      = 0x00000001;
const int WR_PIONEER      = 0x00000002;
const int WR_NEC          = 0x00000003;
const int WR_LITEON       = 0x00000004;
const int RD_BENQ         = 0x00000005;
const int WR_BENQ         = 0x00000006;

#define VENDORS 6
const str_vendor vendor[VENDORS+1] = {
      "Generic ",
      "PLEXTOR ",
      "PIONEER ",
      "_NEC    ",
      "LITE-ON ",
      "BENQ ROM",
      "BENQ    "

// Vendor-specififc features
const int PX_POWEREC    = 0x00000001;
const int PX_GIGAREC    = 0x00000002;
const int PX_VARIREC_CD = 0x00000004;
const int PX_VARIREC_DVD= 0x00000008;
const int PX_HCDRSS     = 0x00000010;
const int PX_SPDREAD    = 0x00000020;
const int PX_SECUREC    = 0x00000040;
const int PX_SILENT     = 0x00000080;
const int PX_ASTRATEGY  = 0x00000100;
const int PX_BITSET_R   = 0x00000200;
const int PX_BITSET_RDL = 0x00000400;
const int PX_SIMUL_PLUS = 0x00000800;
const int PX_ERASER     = 0x00001000;

// Plextor devices
const int PLEXTOR_OLD     = 0x00000001;
const int PLEXTOR_PREMIUM = 0x00000002;
const int PLEXTOR_708A2   = 0x00000003;
const int PLEXTOR_712     = 0x00000004;
const int PLEXTOR_716     = 0x00000005;
//const int PLEXTOR_755     = 0x00000006;
const int PLEXTOR_760     = 0x00000006;

//Pioneer devices
const int PIO_OLD   = 0x00000001;
const int PIO_DVR_106     = 0x00000002;
const int PIO_DVR_107     = 0x00000003;
const int PIO_DVR_108     = 0x00000004;
const int PIO_DVR_109     = 0x00000005;
const int PIO_DVR_110     = 0x00000006;
const int PIO_DVR_111     = 0x00000007;

//Nec devices
const int NEC_OLD   = 0x00000001;
const int NEC_3520        = 0x00000002;
const int NEC_3530        = 0x00000003;
const int NEC_3540        = 0x00000004;
const int NEC_4550        = 0x00000005;
const int NEC_4570        = 0x00000006;
const int NEC_4650        = 0x00000007;

//LiteOn devices
const int LTN_OLD   = 0x00000001;
const int LTN_LTR_52327   = 0x00000002;
const int LTN_SOHW_811S   = 0x00000003;
const int LTN_SOHW_812S   = 0x00000004;
const int LTN_SOHW_832S   = 0x00000005;
const int LTN_SOHW_1653S  = 0x00000006;
const int LTN_SOHW_1673S  = 0x00000007;
const int LTN_SOHW_1693S  = 0x00000008;
const int LTN_SHW_1635S   = 0x00000009;

//BenQ devices
const int BENQ_OLD        = 0x00000001;
const int BENQ_DV1650V    = 0x00000002;
const int BENQ_DW1620     = 0x00000003;
const int BENQ_DW1640     = 0x00000004;
// **** end of devices list

const int CHK_RD  = 0x00000001;
const int CHK_WR  = 0x00000002;
const int CHK_CX  = 0x00000004;
const int CHK_JB_CD     = 0x00000008;
const int CHK_PIE = 0x00000010;
const int CHK_PIF = 0x00000020;
const int CHK_POE = 0x00000040;
const int CHK_POF = 0x00000080;
const int CHK_PI = CHK_PIE | CHK_PIF;
const int CHK_PO = CHK_POE | CHK_POF;
const int CHK_JB_DVD    = 0x00000100;
const int CHK_TA  = 0x00000200;
const int CHK_FETE      = 0x00000400;

typedef struct{
      msf   lin;
      char* name;
} manuf;

typedef struct{
      int   n;
      int   session;
      int   track_mode;
      int   data_mode;
      int   start;
      msf   msf_start;
      int   next_writable;
      msf   msf_next;
      int   free;
      int   packet_size;
      int   size;
      msf   time;
      int   last_recorded;
      msf   msf_last;
      int   end;
      msf   msf_end;

typedef struct{
      int   test;
      int   idx;
      int   lba;
      int   block,blocks;
      float speed_kb;
      float speed_x;
      int   speed_h;
      int   err_total;
      int   err_max;
      int   err_cur;
      float err_avg;
      int   pit;
      int   land;
      float jmax;
      float jmin;
      float bmax;
      float bmin;
      long  time;
      int   nte, ote;
      int   nfe, ofe;
      int   ext;

typedef     struct {
      char  MID[48];    // MediaID for DVD, manufacturer for CD
      int   disc_type;  // CD/DVD subtype
      int   book_type;  // Book type (for DVD)
      int   layers;           // Layers num (for DVD)
      int   sectsize;
      int   capacity;   // Recorded capacity in sectors
      msf   capacity_msf;
      int   capacity_free;    // Free sectors
      msf   capacity_free_msf;
      int   capacity_total;   // Total sectors
      msf   capacity_total_msf;
      int   last_lead_out;
      int   dstatus;    // Empty/Apeendable/Complete
      int   sstatus;
      int   sessions;
      int   tracks;
      int   erasable;
      char  writer[0x3F];
} media_info;

const int speed_tbl_size=64;
const int STATUS_OPEN         =0x0001;
const int STATUS_MEDIA_PRESENT      =0x0002;
const int STATUS_LOCK         =0x0004;

typedef struct {
      int   status;
      int   interval;
      int   tests;
      unsigned short    spindown_idx;
      unsigned int      speed_idx;
      int   speed_mult;
      int   speed_tbl[speed_tbl_size];
      int   speed_tbl_kb[speed_tbl_size];
      int   wr_speed_tbl[speed_tbl_size];
      int   wr_speed_tbl_kb[speed_tbl_size];
      int   scan_speed_cd;
      int   scan_speed_dvd;
      int   read_speed_kb;
      int   read_speed_cd;
      int   read_speed_dvd;
      int   max_read_speed_kb;
      int   max_read_speed_cd;
      int   max_read_speed_dvd;
      int   max_write_speed_kb;
      int   max_write_speed_cd;
      int   max_write_speed_dvd;
      int   write_speed_kb;
      int   write_speed_cd;
      int   write_speed_dvd;
} drive_parms;

typedef struct {
      int   lba_s;
      int   spd_s;
      int   lba_e;
      int   spd_e;
} perf_desc;

struct _Exx {
      int*  BLER;
      int*  E11;
      int*  E21;
      int*  E31;
      int*  E12;
      int*  E22;
      int*  E32;
      int   tot[7];
      int   max[7];
      float avg[7];
      int   color[7];

typedef struct
      char  type;
      char  len;
      char  state;
      char  read_speed;
      char  write_speed;
      char  access_speed;
      char  eject_speed;
      char  load_speed;
} plex_silent;

typedef struct {
      unsigned char     number;
      unsigned char     type;  // 0x25 == -R, 0xA1 == +R
      char            MID[12];
      unsigned char     crap2;
      unsigned char     enabled;
      char        counter[2];
      unsigned char     speed;
      unsigned char     crap3[13];
} as_entry;

typedef struct {
      char        sizeb[2];
      char        crap1[4];
      char        dbcnt;
      char        entry_size;
      as_entry    entry[31];
      char        state;
      int         size;
} plex_as;

typedef struct {
      char  gigarec;    // Current GigaRec value
      char  gigarec_disc;     // GigaRec value of inserted CD
      char  powerec_state;    // Current PoweRec state
      unsigned short    powerec_spd;      // Current PoweRec recomended speed
      char  varirec_state_cd; // Current VariRec CD state
      char  varirec_pwr_cd;         // Current VariRec CD LaserPower
      char  varirec_str_cd;         // Current VariRec CD Strategy
      char  varirec_state_dvd;      // Current VariRec DVD state
      char  varirec_pwr_dvd;  // Current VariRec DVD LaserPower
      char  varirec_str_dvd;  // Current VariRec DVD Strategy
      char  hcdr;       // Hide CD-R State
      char  sss;        // SingleSession State
      char  spdread;    // SpeedRead
      char  testwrite_dvdplus; // Simulation on DVD+R(W)
      char  plexeraser; // PlexEraser mode
} plex_features;

typedef struct {
      unsigned char phase;
      unsigned char region;
      unsigned char ch_u;
      unsigned char ch_v;
} rpc_state;

class drive_info {
      drive_info(char* _device);

#ifndef __USE_QTHREAD
      pthread_t*  test_thread_id;
//    bool  isBusy();
//    bool  lock();
//    bool  unlock();
//    void  wait_free();

      Scsi_Command      cmd;
      void  cmd_clear();
      int   err;
      char* device;           // device adress
      char  ven[9];           // vendor string
      int   ven_ID;           // drive vendor ID
      char  dev[17];    // model string
      int   dev_ID;           // model ID
      char  fw[5];            // FirmWare
      char  serial[17]; // drive serial#
      char  TLA[5];           // TLA# - only rof Plextor PX-712, PX-716

      int   z;

      unsigned int      buffer_size;       // drive buffer size
      unsigned int      capabilities;      // common capabilities
      unsigned int      rd_capabilities; // read capabilities
      unsigned int      wr_capabilities; // write capabilities
      unsigned int      ven_features;     // vendor-specific features
      unsigned int      chk_features;     // media check features

      unsigned int      iface_id;
      str_if            iface;
      unsigned int      loader_id;

      short       book_plus_r;
      short       book_plus_rw;
      short       book_plus_rdl;

      plex_features     plextor;
      plex_as           astrategy;
      plex_silent plextor_silent;
      media_info  media;
      drive_parms parms;
      perf_desc   perf;

      char*       rd_buf;
      unsigned char*    ATIP;
      int         ATIP_len;
      char        mmc;

      rpc_state   rpc;
      bool  busy;

const int drive_info_size=sizeof(drive_info);

extern int inquiry(drive_info* drive);
extern int test_unit_ready(drive_info* drive);
extern int request_sense(drive_info* drive, char add);
extern void drivecpy(drive_info* dst, drive_info* src);
extern void read_rpc_state(drive_info* drive);
extern void read_disc_regions(drive_info* drive);
extern void SpinUpCD(drive_info* drive);
extern void SpinUpDVD(drive_info* drive);
extern int get_configuration(drive_info* drive, int feature_number, char* data_length, int* current);
extern void detect_iface(drive_info* drive);
extern void detect_capabilities(drive_info* drive);
extern int get_profiles(drive_info* drive);
extern int read_atip(drive_info* drive);
extern int read_track_info(drive_info* drive, track_info* track);
extern int read_capacity(drive_info* drive);
extern int read_free(drive_info* drive);
extern int read_disc_information(drive_info* drive);
extern int convert_to_ID (drive_info* drive);
extern int determine_cd_type(drive_info* drive);
//extern int determine_cdrw_subtype(drive_info* drive);
extern int read_mediaid_dvd(drive_info* drive);
extern int determine_disc_type(drive_info* drive);
extern int mode_sense(drive_info* drive, int page, int page_control, int dest_len);
extern int mode_select(drive_info* drive, int dest_len);
extern int get_spindown(drive_info* drive);
extern int set_spindown(drive_info* drive);
extern int get_performance(drive_info* drive);
extern int get_write_speed(drive_info* drive);
extern int get_write_speed_tbl(drive_info* drive);
extern int get_read_speed(drive_info* drive);
extern int set_streaming(drive_info* drive);
extern int set_read_speed(drive_info* drive);
extern int get_media_status(drive_info* drive);
extern int load_eject(drive_info* drive, bool load);
extern int get_lock(drive_info* drive);
extern int set_lock(drive_info* drive);

extern int play_audio_msf(drive_info* drive, int beg, int end);
extern int play_audio(drive_info* drive, int beg, short int len);
extern int read_cd(drive_info* drive, int lba, int sector_count);
extern int read(drive_info* drive, int lba, int sector_count);
extern int read_one_ecc_block(drive_info* drive, int lba);
extern int get_drive_serial_number(drive_info* drive);
extern int read_buffer_capacity(drive_info* drive);
extern int read_writer_info(drive_info* drive);
extern int detect_mm_capabilities(drive_info* drive);
extern int detect_check_capabilities(drive_info* drive);


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